Shoot and Share

Building Shoot and Share -
Photographers’ Dream

Turning photos into magical presentations.

The application allows photographers to create video slideshows from the photos they upload.

The service is offered through a web based application as well as an iPhone and Android apps.

As slideshows are much more engaging than still photos, this allows photographers to advertise their services in a more efficient way on social media, their blogs and websites.

Shoot and Share can also create digital products like digital flip books, albums and client slideshows that photographers can share or sell to their clients. Such goodies are wonderful gifts and powerful marketing pieces.

An interesting feature is the integration with Autopilot. If you choose to sync your Shot and Share account with Autopilot, every morning at 900am you’re going to receive a freshly generated video to share with your present and future clients.


Building Shoot and Share Step By Step

Building the application to hold its current functionalities took us over 18 months and the development process went through several stages.

July 2018
First version of the site. We styled the first version of Shoot and Share, which included the Sign-up / Login Screens and the email templates.
November 2018
Created the Coded Shows API. We've created an API, which animates a set of images and records that as a video.
February 2019
Imported users from different platforms. We've sent more than 50K invitations to people who are using a sister company’s products, creating a unique video for each user.
February 2019
Options to select different music. Added a feature that allows users to select different music for their videos.
August 2019
Redesign. We've redesigned the Shoot and Share Dashboard.

Our work on the Shoot and Share application continues and we’ll continue adding new and interesting features to it.

You can see the web application as it looks now here


Naim says “Shoot and Share is the crown jewel...”

"Shoot and Share is the crown jewel of all the projects I've had the chance to manage during the years.

Being part of such a positive team is awesome, one with a great vision of the future and using innovative approaches, which are just being adopted as standards.

We're truly happy to be part of Team Unicorn and we're proud to have contributed to its success.

Working with Dave is such a pleasure. I can't wait to meet him over a couple of cold beers some day :)"

Lead Project Manager